RILIAM - Regional Innovation Laboratory for Industrial Automation and Mechatronics

Being implemented under the Interreg IPA CBC Hungary-Serbia Programme, the „RILIAM” project aims to support SMEs from the region, dealing with industrial automation and industrial robotics. In the project two innovation competence laboratories will be created, one for the food industrial robotics and automation in the Faculty of Engineering in Szeged, and one for the assembly automation and robotics at Subotica Tech in Subotica. The laboratories will be the help point for SMEs for their innovation solutions.

As a result of the project, young people will become more interested in gaining knowledge and to practice and improve their professional skills in modern innovative laboratories.The developed online tutorial data base will serve as the information collector, and connection between the project partners, beneficiaries and interested citizens.

The project RILIAM establishes a functional network between the multi companies in the CB region and young SMEs, young researchers and students, creating an interactive channel for information flow among the participants, and supporing young engineers' complex technical solutions. Starting from December, we are awaiting interested SMEs and stakeholders with various trainings and workshops. Follow our website and stay tuned for further updates!  


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