Project Europeanisation - Fifth Partner Meeting successfully conducted in Zagreb

The fifth transnational project meeting under the project "Europenaisation-Organisational Maturity Assessment Tool for the Europeanisation of Educational Institutions" was held from 02  to 04 July 2016 in Zagreb. During the meeting, all partners had the possibility to discuss the results of the European-wide testing of the Online Self-Assessment Tool, which took place in every partner country in order to adjust the tool's final version to the end users' needs. The partners made a general overview of the conducted multipler events and discussed the dissemination of the project thus far, with some amazing results demonstrated by all countries. There is no doubt that the highlight of the meeting was the delivery of the Online Self-Assessment Tool, which is beginning to take its final shape. The Tool will be officially launched in Berlin, at the closing conference of the project.
Szerző: CSMKIK