Do you want to get involved in the project? This is how!

Our team has started the development of the SOB Training Tools. Partners have created their target group maps, including entrepreneurs and training institutions for adult education. Stakeholder maps have also been finalized in every partner country, listing musicians/bands, representatives of radio, TV, business schools, business incubators, business associations, and all the respective organisations that could benefit from the results of the project. If you or your organisation is interested in increasing basic and transversal skills, innovative managerial competencies and entrepreneurial spirit, and wish to be part of this ambitious and innovative project, let us know by signing and sending us back the attached document! In this way, you can make your voice heard and at the same time, you will let us know what is important from the target groups' point of view. This will enable us to adjust the project products to suit your needs the best possible way! We are preparing our Focus Group interviews in the forthcoming weeks in each country (SK, IT, BG, HU, PL, GR) and all your feedback will be much appreciated! Stay tuned and feel free to contact us! stakeholder-agreement-org stakeholder-agreement-ind
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