2nd Transnational Partner Meeting conducted in Sofia

  Project partners met on 14-15 October 2019 in Sofia, Bulgaria, where they attended the 2nd Transnational Partner Meeting. On this occasion, they discussed the main results that have been achieved since the Kick-off Meeting in Bratislava. The project's first output, the Training Tools have been finalized and will soon be available on the project's Learning Platform. The developped Training Tools are mostly targeted towards trainers and educational institutions actively engaged in businesses skills development, but can be freely used also by the learners. The output is currently being translated to Italian, Hungarian, Bulgarian, Greek and Polish languages, each of which will be made available on the Learning Platform in the forthcoming weeks at https://platform.soundofbusiness.eu/. In the forthcoming period, partners will be developing contents for the second output, the Learning Platform, focusing on basic, transversal and innovative managerial comptetncies. The Learning Platform will be addressing primarily the needs of the learners, adults and entrepreneurs, looking for innovative management skills and creative apporach to improve their business performance.  
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