Have you ever asked yourself how circular your business model is? Is there anything you could do differently to manage your business in a more sustainable way? Do you know what are your strengths and weaknesses related to the principles and fundamental criteria of circular economy? If you are interested to know more about these questions, we have great news for you: with our Circular Economy Self-Rate Tool, you can have a clear picture about the topics these questions are addressing.

The REFRAME Self-Rate Tool (CE S-R Tool) is an online tool, serving as the first step of the CE REFRAME process, aimed at the representatives and experts working in manufacturing, crafts and construction SMEs and micro-enterprises. By filling in this interactive, user-friendly self-rate tool, find out more about the areas that might require more focus from your side. The tool is suitable for assessing both the company's CE performance, and for assessing individual experts' knowledge within the field of circular economy. Enjoy the assessment, and improve your skills with our Circular Economy Expert Course