THE SOUND OF BUSINESS – Leveraging the Entrepreneurial Competences of Adults To Extenuate the Business Knowledge Divide

European consortium awarded funding to boost entrepreneurial skills through an innovative approach based on the history of music


A consortium of six European organisations from Slovakia, Italy, Greece, Bulgaria, Poland and Hungary is combining its members’ efforts and experience in a project entitled “The Sound of Business – Leveraging the Entrepreneurial Competences of Adults to Extenuate the Business Knowledge Divide” (2018-1-SK01-KA204-046325). The general objective of the project is:

  • to provide trainers with practical tools leading to an innovative method of training related to basic and transversal skills, innovative managerial competencies and entrepreneurial spirit
  • to use and promote a non-formal approach based on art and music
  • to stimulate self-employment initiatives among adults
  • to improve managerial skills of the adults to foster the awareness and importance of innovation and lifelong learning

Funded through the Erasmus+ Key Action 2 Strategic Partnership programme (Adult education), the two year project is running from October 2018 until September 2020.

Through a mix of partners with a wide range of different expertise, consisting of a university, a chamber of commerce, a training institution, a consultancy company, a competence certification organisation and a not for profit association promoting non formal education , the consortium will complete the following actions:

  1. Develop training tools to improve the basic/transversal skills of adults, that will be collected in an e-manual available online and on a learning platform
  2. Create a learning platform, serving as a depository for interactive learning materials, including textbooks, videos, music, assessments and other reference links on entrepreneurship, non-formal education, music and adult work
  3. Create a Learning Documentary, which will be a high quality video documentary learning tool, putting together the contents of the training tools with the non-formal approach based on history of rock music
  4. Develop a Protocol for certification of competencies for validating the competences developed using the innovative learning approach developed by The Sound of Business project