On 19th July 2023, the upgrade2europe project team had the pleasure of presenting the project results in Berlin, Germany, on the project Closing Conference, organised by the lead partner, the emcra GmbH.

The participants had the chance to learn about the project results: the Self-assessment tool, the Handbook , the Learning and Teaching Videos and the E-mail course. All these tools can help the small and medium sized companies and organisations as well as the training providers on their way towards international success. Two further presentations were held on the Process Model and the Curriculum that provide the theoretical basis for the project.

The participants worked together with the members of the project team to identify major challenges of international work, and were shown how to apply the project products to solve these challenges effectively. The event offered a great opportunity for networking both with national and international stakeholders.Within the framwork of an interview session, participants had the chance to hear what Europe means to us on the national, organisational and personal levels: the democratic values, the continues opportunities for self-development, the travel and working opportunities and equal chances are only a couple of the most important aspects mentioned.

Hereby we wish to thank all attendants for their interest in our project and in European work. We wish to thank also the project partners, whose committed work resulted in amazing products, supporting the international ambitions of SMEs, SMOs and training providers.