Relational and experiential circular tourism practices at the core of the 1st study visit in Agrigento of the ECOTOURS project!
The 1st study visit of the ECOTOURS project was hosted from the 22nd to 24th November 2023 at Agrigento (Italy) at the premises of the Grand Hotel Mosè and organized by Fondazione Comunitaria di Agrigento e Trapani ETS in collaboration with the PRISM Impresa Sociale.
A delegation of n. 19 representatives of tourism SMEs coming from the n. 6 partner countries of the project (Italy, Greece, Spain, Cyprus, Spain and Hungary) met along with the partners organizations in a three-day journey where practices of circular tourism met the local best practices on experiential, relational and community-based tourism.
The first day a field visit was organized at the Museo Diffuso dei 5 Sensi in Sciacca: the tour (guided by the President Viviana Rizzuto, the vice-president Anna Salvagio and Désirée Li Bassi as national growth development manager) comprised a whole multisensorial excursion to the open-air museum in Sciacca where every element of the city, including its people with their stories, represents the priceless treasure enjoyed by the tourist called as “temporary citizen”.
On the second day, special guests where hosted as Giuseppe Burgio and his team from Cooperativa Palma Nana that shared the impressive initiative conducted at the Environmental educational centre at the Borgo of Serra Guarnieri (Parco delle Madonie). The Borgo offers hospitality experiences for "travellers" eager to spend a holiday in direct contact with nature and in a village that respects the environment and traditions.
The third and last day, Florinda Saieva founder of FARM CULTURAL PARK and in quality of member of the working committee of Agrigento as capital of culture shared the process that in 2025 will see Agrigento as capital of culture in Italy, and the expected impact at the territorial and community level will have on local economies with a focus on the tourism sector.
Great promises and seeds took root in Agrigento at this first stage of the capacity building programme on circular tourism of the ECOTOURS project.We are convinced that the Hungarian participants of the Study visit Csillagösvény Labirintus, Acapella Cukrászda és Kávéház and the Ópusztaszeri Erdei Vendégházak will capitalize on the experiences of the study visit and apply the best practices alongside with the rest of the Hungarian Ecotours beneficiary SMEs.
ECO-TOURS for circular economies in Europe!
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