The third international FLOURISH project meeting – organized by AidLearn – on 8 and 9 January, in Lisbon, gathered the six project partners from five EU countries (Bulgaria, Hungary, Lithuania, Poland, and Portugal), to overview their achievements and to present results of the pilot testing of FLOURISH Curriculum, Training, and Manual based on APGICO’S participative innovation model. Each partner shared his experience in delivering the course and concluded the methodology is quite effective in promoting skills and expertise to facilitate organizational innovation at SMEs. The partners that hadn’t yet, to that date, conducted the pilot testing, also took the opportunity to discuss with those that already went through the experience as well as to get expert advice from APGICO on how to best implement the pilot actions. 

Additionally, the partners discussed the themes for the situations for the FLOURISH video. This way, everyone knew what they were to write about. This resulted in 10 situations (2 per partner country).

The themes to be reflected in the ideas for mistakes and solutions to shoot were as follows: ECQ (Bulgaria) was to write situations involving facilitation mistakes and their possible solutions; SAN (Poland) was to write situations with leadership mistakes and possible solutions; APGICO (Portugal) was to write situations with process mistakes and possible solutions, and CSMKIK (Hungary) as well as Kaunas STP (Lithuania) were both to write miscellaneous mistakes and solutions. The partners were told to draw from their pilot testing experiences and what they thought were skills they used to make sure they went without a hitch.

As the draft situations were written by the partners, they were sent to AidLearn who, consulting APGICO, fleshed them out into a script. 

Despite all the Covid-19 related delays, shooting was successfully done on the 27th and 28th of June and the film is now in its post-production stage. It will soon be available at the FLOURISH YouTube channel.