We support the creative thinking of SMEs in ICT sector!

In October 2015, with the lead partnership of Europa Training (UK) Ltd. the INNOSPARK project has been launched with the financial support of the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union. The project will be implemented by a project consortium with partners from six European countris and will last two years.

Project duration: October 2015 – September 2017.

Participating countries: United Kingdom, Bulgaria, Italy, Spain, Hungary and Estonia.

Project objective: In order to respond to the new challanges in ICT Sector, INNOSPARK project sets the overall aim to spark creativity thinking skills in ICT SMEs, so as to foster innovation and contribute to increasing the growth and competitiveness of European high-tech industries.

The specific objectives through which this aim will be achieved are:

  • To provide employers and employees in European ICT SMEs with reliable tool to assess their level of creativity skills and identify areas for improvement
  • To enhance the competitiveness and the innovation capacity of ICT SMEs in the EU through practical training tailored to their needs
  • To increase the awareness of European ICT SMEs and VET community about the importance of creativity thinking as a catalyst of innovation processes through provision of state-of-the-art country analysis
  • To inspire ICT SMEs to learn from the successful experience of peer companies which have faced similar sectoral challenges but thrived on knowledge, skills, innovation and creativity

INNOSPARK project will result in attracting new talents, training European citizens with the relevant creativity skills need in ICT sector, and as a consequence fuelling innovation, productivity and growth in the EU.

The INNOSPARK project Consortium had its first, joint Kick-Off Meeting in Szeged, Hungary, on 10-11 December 2015, where tasks have been assigned and next steps towards successful project implementation have been agreed upon.