Has your organisation the capacity to work in European context? Are you fit for Europeanisation? How to act better and successfully in your environment?

The project „Europeanisation” started in September 2014 aims at developing an online tool for self-assessment of the level of Europeanisation of training institutions, especially those active in the field of VET and adult education. Using this tool, the managing staff of these organisations will be able to identify and remove organisational obstacles preventing their institutions from implementing successful transnational strategies.

Project duration: 01/09/2014-31/08/2016

Participating countires: Germany, Hungary, Croatia, Bulgaria, Cyprus

Lead partner: emcra GmbH

Target groups: VET sector, non-profit sector active in the field of education, SMEs.

The project is being implemented within the Strategic Partnership of Erasmus+ Programme and is co-funded by the European Union.

All relevant achievements, milestones and results of the current project will be published on our website.

For further details and infromation, please, contact the project manager, Eva Đurović. Email: or phone +36 62 554 250 / extension 140.

Project website: