DigiGen is a project with the aim of developing, testing and evaluating a scientifically based upskilling programme for HR practitioners and career counsellors in order to improve the personal career chances of women in management positions.

The first work package (WP1) of the DigiGen project aims at gathering information on the needs of the primary target group (HR practitioners and career counsellors) as well as those of the end users (women in management position). In order to provide a full picture of the environment the project is based on, national literature reviews were carried out in Hungary, Germany and the Netherlands. Besides statistical data, relevant governmental and NGO programs as well as scientific literature were examined to collect information on the current state of women’s leadership and digitalisation.

According to some of the key findings of the Hungarian literature review, female leaders are underrepresented in certain fields (e.g. IT sector, economy, science, professional training and politics), in some cases the digital transformation of the Hungarian companies is hindered by the lack of digital awareness and necessary resources, and some resistance is still experienced towards digital transformation. Also career development of female leaders could be enhanced by specific initiatives, which is the primary aim of the project.

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