Project partners from 5 European countries – Denmark, Germany, Spain, Hungary and Belgium - have had the pleasure to meet in person at the University College of Northern Denmark in September 2022. The meeting took place in Aalborg, Denmark, at the University Colledge of Northern Denmark's UCN Innovationhouse. The three-days long transnational partner meeting of the D-EMIND project ensured a perfect opportunity for partners to co-create and work together on the project results that will boost the entrepreneurial mindsets in higher education.

During the meeting, the partners have been co-creating the structure of the D-EMIND Digial Toolbox and Platform, a repository with online open activities and apps, which facilitate challenge based learning. Users of the Platform will also find online open resources and materials that are useful for developing challenge based learning activities, marketing strategies and tools that help students to promote their prototypes and ideas. The integration of digital practices in the project will assist their natural use by students, whose primary motivation is exploring, developing, and pursuing ideas for innovation.

Partners used the oppportunity of meeting in person to discuss also other, project related topics, including an overview of the achieved results, dissemination and communication and project management.

The D-EMIND project is useful for teachers, students and enterprises. While enterprises can post their real-life challenges, students will work on solving them, applying a special methodology. In this way, students are co-creating solutions to challenges faced by enteprises as part of their formal education. In this way, the project is merging challenge based learning and entrepreneurship teaching, and takes both to the next level. This way, links between higher educational institutions and external companies will be strengthened as well.