Organizational Innovation Coach Pilot training at the Chamber

CSMKIK, Flourish

One of the main benefits of the „Facilitating Organizational Innovation” – FLOURISH project is that it provides SMEs with an organizational innovation coach training course, free of charge. The training is an innovative learning opportunity based on the innovational needs of the European SMEs. During the three day long training course, participating enterprises have learned how to improve their innovation processes with employee involvement, time management and creating matrix organizations applying a creative, practice-oriented method.

Participants have learned how to facilitate organizational innovation; starting from idea generation to the implementation of cooperative projects. They’ve also mastered competences that can foster the creation of a more modern and dynamic professional environment in their organization with integrating good practices and new methods into their daily work.

The FLOURISH project – ending in September 2020 – has been awarded with the Mark of Excellence in December 2019. Partners are currently working on the videos connected to the training, which are going to be available on the project website. More information about the project is available at, questions written to the email address are also answered.